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Collins Turf Division is the General Contractor’s choice when working on rooftops, patios,high rises, and amenity levels. Contracted with Vila and Sons of FL and TourTurf of Ponte Vedra, Florida to install 6,700 feet of artificial turf around the terrace level landscaping at the NeoVertika project.
The area featured FieldTurf’ Dura-Spline artificial turf as a no/low maintenance and highly aesthetic option for the large geometric spaces for the large palm tree planter boxes.
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The turf is a vibrant accent to the beautifully tiled lap pool and meditation ponds found on the patio of the 32 floor apartment high rise in Downtown Miami. Every bit of material used on this job had to be craned up to the installers.


Heads up! Turf landing area.


A view looking north, the blue material is the 3M Foam sub-surface

The newly named Wells Fargo Building on the Southbank in Jacksonville. Turf Evolutions and WaterProofing Specialists designed a system that needs no rock for the sub-base, yet uses a 3M foam to provide stability and strength.  Drainage channels in the foam and perforated drain holes in the turf allow water to find it’s way into the building’s rooftop drainage system.  Jacksonville locals refer to this building as the “Gulf Life Building”, and it is the home to the famous University Club.


When completed, the rooftop synthetic grass provides an aesthetic compliment to the large deck area and will be enjoyed by the many employees of the building and may possibly be available to the public for events such as weddings and happy hours.