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Turf varieties, colors and quality testing


Collins Turf Division is proud to display the many different colors, thicknesses, and varieties of synthetic turf to our customers. We are constantly staying on top of the developments in the turf world by maintaining relationships with our manufacturers and evaluating and presenting to our customer turf samples that we have in our office.  We have installed turf for numerous manufacturers in the synthetic turf industry.  We presently have turf samples from Progreen International, Turf Evolutions, Field Turf, ACT global, Astroturf, Perfect Turf, Tiger Turf, Synthetic Grass Warehouse, ArtificialTurfSupply.com, Pregra, Grasstex, and others. If you represent a manufacturer we encourage you to send us your turf samples and literature about your product. We can also have custom turf manufactured for specific installation purposes. Turf goes through rigorous testing by the manufacturers to maintain high quality products.  Here is a picture of a machine going through a wear test.

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